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Until it sleeps

Waiting for somebody to come a little boy stands in the rain. The wind carries his umbrella home singing the song of beeing alone. The boy´s eyes as empty as the cloudy sky release his deepest pain. Tears drop on the ground beneath rain drops because nobody ever is at home.  

At the bus stop where the cold is waiting a violine seems to mutter. The thunder makes the shadows jump and dance like leaves in a comming storm. The little boy never thought of beeing alone while it gets dark in the gutter. An apple lying on the street nobody drives on tonight got brown from the inside turning out into the house of a worm.

In a few hours the lights will turn off and mothers will bring their children to their beds. The little boy will be gone out of the grey town to follow his path leading him to farer places...

5.7.07 19:03

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life0is0fiction / Website (9.5.07 19:36)
der txt regt unglaublich tu interpretieren an aber das erspar ich dir besser *fg*
knuddel knutsch

alice7 (9.5.07 20:26)
hast du den selbst geschrieben??? unglaublich toll.

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